Trying Facebook

I haven’t posted on this blog for quite a while, but I’m currently considering the options. In the meantime, I’ve started a Bleeding Edge Facebook page. Let me know what you think.

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  1. eph

    I’m concerned about privacy and don’t have a Facebook page for that reason. This means that I’ll also miss out on the Bleeding Edge Facebook Page.
    I agree with Mr David’s comments in the forum that hopefully you’ll also keep posting on this blog.

  2. Orbital

    I’ve responded a couple of times to this post but they have never appeared. Are you sure you want us to let you know what we think? Was it because I indicated that I’m not a Facebook user?

  3. Robin Helmond

    I don’t have a face book login. I gave it up some time ago and don’t intend rejoining. What’s wrong with the blog?

  4. RosC

    Dear Charles,
    I read your column in the GG regularly, and enjoy your amusing, useful & often pithy comment. I’ve just taken time to look at your blog for the first time.
    About Facebook… It’s my observation that so-called social media are in fact exclusive and on occasion, anti-social. I talked with someone recently who is wanting to engage young people in volunteerism. She learned that Twitter & Facebook are are the ways to connect. Further information includes a warning that you cannot remove content or close an account. Even at death, a certificate is required to remove details. This being my understanding, I will not join on principle, even though I am very curious and probably savvy enough not to get caught. Sorry to find that this exclusive club has grabbed you too, but of course it’s your specialty and I’d love to know what you discover, perhaps through more inclusive media.
    All the best,


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