Delaying the inevitable

Image via Wikipedia Seems like spring is here in Melbourne – we’ve having a nearly shirtsleeve day, bit windy outside. Hay fever symptoms are on us, time to replenish my Zyrtec and Rhinocort supplies. With spring, I suppose, comes spring … Continued

Auto Not Run

Tip #0 – don’t expect that your Windows malware scanner, super Mr. Security Guard to always know every malware and to always be able to spring into action in the nick of time.
Tip #1 – do it on somebody else’s machine to check out the USB Flash drive
Tip #2 – Disable Windows autorun on all drives.
Tip #3 – Boot Puppy Linux or Ubuntu LiveCD to check out the USB Flash drive
Tip #4 – If you can, run Windows XP in Limited User mode and don’t switch off User Access Control (UAC) just because you think it’s inconvenient.