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AusCERT National Alerting Service

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AusCERT National Alerting Service

Postby Stephen » Mon Feb 22, 2010 7:44 pm

Dear National Alerts subscriber,

Thank you for being subscribed to the free AusCERT National Alert Service.

This service is no longer supported and will be disabled on the 27th February 2010.

Instead, we encourage you to subscribe to the free Stay Smart Online Alert Service, operated by AusCERT and which is funded by the Department of Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy.

The Stay Smart Online Alert Service provides home users and small to medium enterprises with information on the latest computer network threats and vulnerabilities in simple, non-technical, easy to understand language. It will also provide solutions to help manage these risks.

You can sign up at the following link: ... n=register

Alternatively, AusCERT offers subscription membership that includes a more technical and comprehensive range of security bulletins for organisations operating a network. To find out about membership you can visit the following URL:

Again thank you for being subscribed to the AusCERT National alerting service.


The AusCERT Team.

From ... n=register

In order to subscribe to the Stay Smart Online Alert Service, please read the Terms and Conditions of Use statement.

The Stay Smart Online Alert Service is a free information source designed to provide Australian home users and small businesses with up to date and simple advice and information in plain language on the latest e-security threats and software vulnerabilities.

The service will provide timely information that is easy to understand about the latest online threats and vulnerabilities within an Australian context.

Australian online users will be able to sign up to receive the free service and can unsubscribe whenever they choose. They will also have the option to pick and choose which types of information they would like to receive.

•Alerts—require urgent action in response to current online threats or vulnerabilities.
•Advisories—are less time critical than alerts.
•Newsletters—are monthly to highlight generic threat trends and online security related initiatives.
•Fact Sheets—detailed information on how to prepare for, protect detect or respond to a range of security issues.


Cheers, Stephen
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