Ooooh! It’s been a long while

For some time now, I’ve passed this neglected blog on the way to the forum - we’ve been pursuing our various interests and also earning the dollar in our respective lives. Stephen does wonderful system admin work to keep the forum stable, healthy and secure - that guy just gives and gives, thanks Stephen. It’s an example of what they say about good IT guys – they are invisible and in the background doing the good things.

I haven’t chatted with Charles for a while – he has been puting some effort in updating the Bleeding Edge Facebook presence when he writes on the Green Guide. GTO is well, tirelessly being Chef and IT student. He puts admirable work into the PC recommendations.

Our forum admins and regulars stick by us – a big thank you for your efforts, unpaid and sometimes unsung – but they are real heroes, handling questions from forum members. Forum membership has tailed for for yonks – we don’t get the exposure like when Charles was on 774 ABC and thumping such topics on The Age Green Guide. But we still hang out, look after people in panic or confused.

Moi? Ananda‘s into birds of a feather Facebook groups (there is one for Melbourne Olympus Enthusiasts) and I blog away on photography and Microsoft Office. Lately, I’ve been on Google+, seems this trial social network has hit 10 million users in the three weeks of launch.

The Melbourne winter is now back to classic style – cold and wet. If you feel like sharing a yarn, come by the forum, you’re more than welcome.

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