Let Telstra get on with screwing Australia

I like Kenneth Davidson. Really I do. I don’t always agree with him, but quite often he makes me think. I wonder though, if he has the slightest understanding of telecommunications deregulation, monopoly practices and the realities of competition.
His attitude seems to be that Telstra owns the customers in perpetuity; that it’s the only body capable of building a network; that it ought to be left to the business of screwing the community, its competitors, the ACCC, the Government etc., which it has done so well, for so long, at everybody else’s expense.
That seems to be the point of his column, “Let Telstra get on with what it does best”. Or am I missing something?
He claims that the people who are running telecommunications policy are Luddites, that the declaration of telecommunications services is a rort, that advisers on the Government’s NBN policies are on a gravy train etc., etc.
I can’t see any difference between Telstra’s view and Kenneth’s view. They’re equally myopic and tendentious. Which tends to undermine my opinion of Kenneth Davidson.

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  1. Serge

    Yes, you are missing something. the Lot:
    the point, the facts, the history and the current situation.
    you are missing it all?


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