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We can’t help but wonder if there’s a fascinating insight into the future hidden in the details of the $150 million deal to provide up to 220,000 Lenovo IdeaPad S10e netbooks to NSW school teachers and students.
The IdeaPads will ship with Windows and Microsoft Office – predictable – but will also have Adobe Flash animation, Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements (for movie-making) and Dreamweaver for Web design.
Yesterday we had a chat with Charles Tetaz, who manages DigiDesign in Australia. Its products include the audio editing standard Pro Tools and Avid video editing, which is also the standard for the film and video industries. DigiDesign donated their software to a project which created a professional quality recording studio for the Sydney Rd Community School, which enourages “student self-expression through music, art and film making”.
The school lacks its own sports grounds, but who knows what talents might emerge as these kids develop compositional, performing and recording skills and learn to tap their creativity? We like the idea of our schools inspiring their students to be singers and songwriters and scriptwriters and directors and perhaps a few authors, rather than lawyers and merchant bankers.
It’s amazing what sort of changes are likely to be wrought as a result of the digitisation of multimedia, the cheap, ubiquitous availability of compositional and editing software and hardware, and widespread fostering of the skills to use them.
The big studios are trying to maintain their stranglehold over artists and audiences, but they’re fighting a losing battle. These kids probably won’t buy music the way we have in the past. It will probably be free, with the artists making their money from performances to audiences created through avenues like YouTube.

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  1. AnandaSim

    In other, less “clean” countries, this would be suspicious. 150 million dollars to ONE hardware vendor? Yes MS Office and some Adobe product is already “standard”. But netbook hardware, all 220,000 units does not have to be from one supplier. Each school should standardise on one brand/model but between schools, one could easily offer a handful of different competitors – that would spread the money out to different companies, assembly and manufacturing, distribution, after sales support….


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