How’s your Windows 7 coming along?

We seem to be getting some excitement in our forum about Windows 7. I guess this is reflective of interest in the greater PC community. So, how’s it going? Decided on getting it yet? Found a way to buy it? Thinking of installing it? Let’s see….

Buying it – choosing a purchase method and an edition.

  • You could simply buy a new machine. That’s an easy way to get Windows 7 of some edition. That way, you’ll know the hardware is compatible, for sure. In fact, if you bought a new machine pretty recently, you should have got an upgrade-for-free offer.
  • You could be a University IT nerd and hop on the MSDN Academic Alliance (thanks gto-pontiac for the tip)
  • You could be a University / TAFE student or staff member with a relevant email address. This will allow you to purchase Windows 7 Pro Upgrade edition through ItsNotCheating for the princely sum of AUD 49.95.
  • You could suddenly discover the wonders of OEM Windows licensing. The Ultimate OEM edition that can be sold with new machines appears to be discounted to AUD 259.
  • You could pretend to be an IT nerd and subscribe to a Technet Plus subscription (thanks AussieBoykie for the tip).

But what edition does one need?

There is a comprehensive Windows 7 Product Guide available for free download from Microsoft. The feature matrix is an appendix in the back pages. Ultimate and Enterprise editions allow Windows 7 to install to and boot from a .vhd. Pro edition allows Windows 7 to act as Remote Desktop Host.

What are the Upgrade options?

Ed Bott made sense of a confusing Upgrade matrix in his Ultimate Upgrade FAQ


What should you do in case the install doesn’t “take” and you want to “roll back”?

  • Check out whether you will experience major difficulties – run the Upgrade Advisor
  • In particular check whether some existing or legacy hardware will be in the “bye bye” heap. Reconcile yourself to that.
  • Backup your data to a separate volume or hard disk
  • Image your Windows System onto an external hard disk.
  • Make sure you have a bootable Hard Disk Recovery CD and that this CD works and can “see” your backup medium / external hard disk.

Have we missed anything? Got anything to add? Tell us about your experiences. Come to the Forum and participate. Tags: ,
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2 Responses to “How’s your Windows 7 coming along?”

  1. Ron

    I stopped “upgrading” Windows at 3.1 !
    I use DOS or Linux as required.
    So, for this little black duck, Windows 7 is a non-event.

  2. John

    Love my Win7 upgrade.
    Moved from Vista Home Prem —> Win7 Home Prem
    From Harvey Norman ($266) + free $100 DUSB-T TV Tuner a great deal…
    I had a very very hard upgrade to do on our home desktop (Vista) that held a lot of old programs that I did not want to re-install… so I took the upgrade path.
    It took 7 hours to finish… but I did NOT have one upgrade problem… worked like a charm.
    The result… well perfect as far as I can see. I use Microsoft ‘SyncToy’ to do our back up and when I went back to see if all the files were their… NO Problems at all.
    My children have done XP–>Win7 full clean installs with a student copy.. Again NOT one problem too them 20 min.
    Love it!
    Faster than Vista a great step up.


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