Get your workhorse PC specs

Just sent out the latest Workhorse PC specifications. If you’re a subscriber, and it hasn’t arrived, please let us know. If you’re not a subscriber, and you’d like to know about the best price/performance PC available, why not apply some of the savings Bleeding Edge alerts you to, to a good cause.
Our subscription rate has dropped off in the past two weeks – to one a week – and the blog is again contemplating a grim future. We’ll keep the forum going – although that costs too – but without subscriptions, we’re going to have to apply our time to revenue-earning activities.
And remember, over in the Forum, gto_pontiac has his own view of PC components.

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  1. Hugh

    How long does a $25 subscription last? The PDF doesn’t say.
    Also: I clipped the June 22 “workhorse PC specs” out of the green guide and have been waiting for the next one to appear. I think I missed an Age on the 1st of September… was it then?


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