Cyber Security

Now that Conroy is back in business, I guess we’ll see him routing the Next Generation Broadband around the place and at the same time, watching everyone’s tracks and activities. Recently, two of the software giants have come out with … Continued

No shame

Just one day after our article about consumers being apparently ripped off by, they’ve now mysteriously disappeared from the Internet. But they’re not gone – they’re just hiding elsewhere. To be more precise, they’re hiding over at – … Continued

Vital keys to beating spam and phishing

It’s taken three years so far for Yahoo’s idea of DomainKeys Identified Mail to get the crucial support it needs to attack the problem of spam and spoofing and phishing, but now the Internet Engineering Task Force has adopted a … Continued

Security: the 30 per cent factor

The head of security for State agencies in North Carolina has been phishing State employees to monitor how many of them are likely to expose the system to security breaches, by clicking on stuff, and downloading stuff, and just naturally … Continued

Amex: the card phishers prefer?

This looks pretty scary. American Express has warned US customers about the mysterious appearance on its secure Web site of a pop-up dialogue box inviting customers to disclose their Social Security number, mother’s maiden name, and date of birth … … Continued

Allofmp3: a word of caution

We’ve not had any problems with the Russian music download site,, but a while back we noticed that they’d changed their credit card arrangements to what looked like a Russian site. Somehow, that didn’t fill us with a lot … Continued

ANZ Visa – first class security

Looks like some of our financial institutions are finally getting serious about Internet security. Bleeding Edge just signed up for a magazine clipping service from, which happened to advertise a Newsweek story we were interested in, on the blog. … Continued

Let us advise you on bungling your security

We suspect Ernst & Young will have to dedicate some of the billable hours it usually devotes to advising its corporate clients on data security to umm, advising itself on data security. The company plonked some of its clients’ personal … Continued