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July 22, 2010

Listening to Ted

Australia’s Next Generation Broadband topic has been in news and politics for some time. We often see old media TV interviews with man-in-the-street persons. Sometimes these seemingly arbitrarily chosen persons say it won’t affect them in their daily activities, sometimes nominated persons say there will be a revolution in school, business and so on. Paradoxically, with this supersized pipe into the Internet, Australian politicians also want to clamp down on the Internet. Put in family filters. Track which sites you have visited, in a parental and policing way. A lot to shock and awe the layman.

But how backward are you? Does the Internet figure in your life at all? Some people love to take out their Nokia phone circa 2000, with numbers and cosmetics rubbed off and tell the world – “Hah! I love being a Luddite – a phone is for the rare phone call, when I deem it necessary. I don’t need the Internet on my phone”  Are you one of those?

Me? I’m having an off day and reflecting on what I do to enjoy my day. I listen to music – a thing I’ve done for many years, pre-Internet. I shoot photos – an activity much invigorated by the Web of interaction with like minded folk. I watch scraps of Old Media TV but really that’s for when I want to dull my brain and go to sleep, Doc Martin and Masterchef not withstanding.  Old favourites like the cop shows, medical and House dramas – too much of the same  is getting quite, quite disinteresting.

But TED on the Web – if you haven’t woken up to a reaching out of minds, hop on and envision with the thought makers. A nice way to use the Internet speed, bandwidth and quota.

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July 17, 2010

Have you ever thought about Restoring?

We often talk about backing up our documents (documents, spreadsheets, databases, pictures, movies, songs) about we seldom spare a thought for crunch time – Restoring the file.

With documents, it’s easy. If your document has gone missing or is badly corrupted, you can simply restore from backup or from a copy on the ubiquitous USB Flash Drive. A no brainer, actually.

But what happens when a file is a database or a spreadsheet that keeps multiple tables and has a long running lifespan? It can be the case that you end up with one file having table A intact with table B out of date or missing records, another file, the reverse.

Brings to mind to ask the master of the backup job whether the backup is daily, weekly or monthly. And when the old backup media is recycled. Do you really have 30 single days of backup or just one backup, 30 days old?

If you have 30 single days of backup, how do you restore in such a way that you have 30 separate files (or systems) so that you can do a compare to see which ones are worth merging or keeping.

Think about it and make the contingency plans. Before it’s too late.


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July 16, 2010

Long time no Wright

Recently, we had a forum member enquire about whether Charles was still active on the Blog and the Forum. In this week’s Green Guide (15th July 2010), wily Charles must have lurked and read at the forum because Charles says, “I no longer post” here.

Charles has been very kind to the Web community – he funds this blog and the forum and he has often noted that the forum gives free advice and discussion to those who seek it. We have very valued voluntary administrators who write with a clarity, patience and persistence. For the blog, he has allowed myself, Stephen to blog from time to time and we try to do that when our time allows. I am sure Charles will write once in a while when he has time too.

To all our faithful, thanks for your support and attention. Keep the faith.


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