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December 15, 2007

Upgrading to Windows XP

There I was, with a nice crowd of IT guys and girls at a pre-Christmas gathering, out in the sun. Flies were a bit of a bother, but I managed to fly a kite - my luck with kites is a little like Charlie Brown's. We found out that a few of them lurk over here at the Bleeding Edge - always nice to see people face to face. I needed a hat for the sun and grabbed my Vista cap - Vista was a source of humour because there were a fair number of Apple fans there. There's even more Vista humour in this blog article from South Africa.

Best wishes and regards to all for the end of the year events and celebrations.


Posted by Anandasim at December 15, 2007 05:16 PM

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Hi Ananda,that blog entry is funny and spookily accurate.
I had a bit if play with Vista Ultimate, it is still installed as a second system, but I cannot see any advantage at all in using it mainly because I had some of the same problems. I start it up once a week to get the updates.

Posted by: lomaca at December 16, 2007 04:45 PM

lomaca: that's hilarious! you use vista just to get upgrades for vista! i've solved this problem completely. after running vista on two of my four desktops and my laptop, i recently upgraded all of them to XP. i've never made a better microsoft os upgrade since i upgraded windows 3.0 to windows 3.1 back in 1992.

Posted by: Wendy at December 17, 2007 02:26 PM

True, very true Wendy, I do it for just one reason!
Someday, someone may actually provide a good enough reason for me to use Vista, and I want to be ready for it.
I agree with you re. WIN3.1. I actually still use DOS 6.22 and WIN 3.11 on one of my machines, as well as Win98SE.
We had a "sort" of discussion about it with Ananda, him being a devotee of VPC. to explain why VPC doesn't do what I want, would take far too long and besides I'm happy with what I have and it works!!!!

Posted by: lomaca at December 18, 2007 04:10 PM

A lot of people disparage Vista, just like they used to look down on Windows XP and before that Win98 and before that MS-DOS - the operating system that they said wasn't one. Vista has one everyday reward for me - the text display on the notebook is tack sharp. Yes, some programs don't run on Vista, just like some Win9x programs didn't run on WXP. I do have set of virtual images that I trot out for fun, Win 3.x isn't one of them, although DOS is.

Posted by: Ananda Sim at December 18, 2007 07:36 PM

"A lot of people disparage Vista"

That may be the case in your circles, I would not know.

There is a big difference in disparaging something and not seeing what the hype was all about?
There are a few things I don't like about Vista (being a nanny for me for one), but that is not the reason I do not use it. It simply doesn't do anything better and it does it SLOWER than what I have now. And remember I have a dual64 processor with 4Gig of ram, so it's not the case of hardware.
Yes, yes, I can't use all that ram under XP, but everytime I check memory usage it is below 60%.
Does it give you a nice desktop background, I could not care less! I use a standard green desktop on all my machines. Does it give you a better platform for gaming? I don't know and I don't care because I do not play games. My fonts are amazing (Acer 20" LCD).

All I can say is, that it does not improve the performance of any of my applications, and being a true conservative in the meaning of the word, (ie. keep what is good and replace what is obsolete and or bad), if I can't see any advantage of using somet new just because it's new, I won't. I used to work in a faily large organisation when XP came out and none of us jumped up and qued up at midnight to get the latest OS. Of course developing industrial process control apps. in assembly and machine language at the time did not really make it all that essential either, but the point is that we did not rubbish XP. Sure we pointed out it's shortcomings like the glaring security risks, as did a lot of other people.
When the most obvious bugs were ironed out, I did buy a copy and I am happy with it because it was actually an improvement on the previous OS, alas not a replacement for some of us, hence my using "obsolete" OP systems.

In short if it tickels your fancy, use it, but don't rubbish others for not doing the same.

Posted by: lomaca at December 19, 2007 06:07 PM

More power to your arm Iomaca. I have never got the mentality of bloggers who knock those with opposing views. If you are a Vista lover good on you but don't knock those of us who are not.

Posted by: Trudy at December 22, 2007 10:02 AM

How are y'all this season? When I said "A lot of people disparage Vista", I meant just that - there are people who do not like Vista. I wasn't making any oblique reference to present company - when I want to, I am quite direct.

For the record, I run one machine on Vista and more than one machine on WXP - and happy with that for the moment. Anyone can run what they want - after all, it's your money and your business - looking at recent forum postings - I'd quote that "The computer is personal again" - if it ever was not.

Posted by: AnandaSim at December 22, 2007 11:09 AM

And a Merry Christmas and prosperous New year to you to Ananda, and all who visit this forum!

Posted by: lomaca at December 22, 2007 02:57 PM