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December 15, 2007

Upgrading to Windows XP

There I was, with a nice crowd of IT guys and girls at a pre-Christmas gathering, out in the sun. Flies were a bit of a bother, but I managed to fly a kite - my luck with kites is a little like Charlie Brown's. We found out that a few of them lurk over here at the Bleeding Edge - always nice to see people face to face. I needed a hat for the sun and grabbed my Vista cap - Vista was a source of humour because there were a fair number of Apple fans there. There's even more Vista humour in this blog article from South Africa.

Best wishes and regards to all for the end of the year events and celebrations.


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December 10, 2007

End of the year bubbles

The YouTube video here if the embed doesn't show.

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December 06, 2007

Rediscovering Windows Live Writer Portable

I've so many downloads these days (some courtesty of  mibi's efforts a the forum) that I have sleepers that I forget about. Looking through some of my downloads, I just re-discovered Windows Live Portable launcher - it seems to work - beats repeated installation and account additions on each machine that I use. Now, all I have to do is to find where I put my portable Flock launcher....

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The Eee PC becomes our PC

According to our horoscope in the Sunday Age last week, we Sagittarians were going to achieve some amazing feats this week, and sure enough, it turned out to be right on the money. At 1.30pm we zoomed across the Bolte Bridge to the HighPoint shopping planet, and picked up what we're pretty sure is the last available Asus Eee PC in Melbourne, and possibly Australia. It was worth the $499 just to feel that we'd joined some exclusive gathering, like the Melbourne Club, only more interesting.

Then we started to configure the little darling. You can read about the dark night of the soul that produced over on ShrinkAge.

The Asus PR people are delighted, because that means they get their review unit back tomorrow morning, and who knows, some other journalist might spend some cash on what we believe is the best bang-for-the-buck ultra-sub-notebook on the market ... by a long way.

We'll be reviewing it in the column next week, but we can say that we haven't been as excited about a computer for quite a while, and although we'll almost certainly install Windows XP on it just for the hell of it, we're awfully happy with it right now, running Linux.

Had a session with my table tennis coach this afternoon, and it suddenly occurred to me that the Eee PC would be the perfect computer for him. He's been putting off getting a PC for a year or so, needs something very portable, and doesn't have a lot of cash. I suspect a lot of these things are going to be sold on personal recommendation.

Anyone else got one yet?

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December 04, 2007

The Asus Eee PC ... and us

You may recall that we gave up blogging for Fairfax, what with not being able to make a living, and we haven't been posting much around here of late. However, ever the optimist, we've decided to try out a new business model with a new blog over at ITWire.

The name, ShinkAge ShrinkAge reflects our excitement about the new trend to sub-sub-notebook computers among other things. Right now we're looking at the Asus Eee PC, which is the subject of our first post.

We tried to buy one yesterday, but discovered that Myer - which is the sole outlet right now - has completely sold out, and doesn't know when there will be more stock.

In our opinion, the Asus Eee PC represents quite a breakthrough. For $500 you get a surprisingly solid little PC with a 7-inch screen, very usable keyboard and enough RAM to run Linux and a respectable number of applications. Throw some more money at it, however, and it will run Windows XP.

We don't know whether we're going to choose it as our constant companion, or will opt instead for the OQO UMPC. We're attracted to the ability of that system - admittedly for a lot more money - to run Vista's Tablet applications, and for quite some time now we've been espousing the attractions of the Tablet format. Shrunk to a 5-inch screen format, it might prove to be the ultimate PC.

We'll keep you up to date on the internal debate.

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