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October 23, 2006

OpenSearch with IE7 & FF2

Following on from the release of Internet Explorer 7 will be the release of Firefox 2 in the next day or two. I thought I would run through a little about Opensearch and the way it can transform your Internet Browsing search capabilities. OpenSearch is fully supported by both Firefox 2 and Internet Explorer 7.

OpenSearch is a set of simple formats for the sharing of search results. Any website that has a search feature can make their results available in OpenSearchâ„¢ format. Other tools can then read those search results.[A9OpenSearch]

(I had hoped to include screenshots for both IE7 and FF2 (RC3) and have just gone through the process of trying the similar functions with Firefox 2.0 RC3 and I came across a couple of issues so I will re-visit this when the full release of Firefox arrives in the next couple of days. Apologies to the Firefox Fans.)

1. To start with IE7 you click the link 'Find More Providers' in your search field at the top right of IE7 or Click this link.

IE7 Opensearch 1 of 7

2. Following the instructions in the yellow highlighted box if you open up the Bleeding Edge Blog.

IE7 Opensearch 2 of 7

3. Type in capital letters TEST and click search you will be taken to this URL.

IE7 Opensearch 3 of 7

4. Switch back to your IE7 Search Providers page and paste that URL into the first field and the second field give it a name such as 'BE Blog Search'.

IE7 Opensearch 4 of 7

5. Click on the 'Install' button and you will get a pop-up window asking you to confirm that you would like to add the search provider to your list and/or make it the default search provider for your search window. Click 'Add Provider'

IE7 Opensearch 5 of 7

6. You now have in your drop down menu a new search called 'BE Blog Search' in this case.

IE7 Opensearch 6 of 7

7. Once you use the drop down menu to select the 'BE Blog Search' and type in your query and click the magnifying glass you are instantly using the built in search engine that operates here at Bleeding Edge to find that article you remember reading and valuing so much.

IE7 Opensearch 7 of 7

And there you have it, you can add these links for AllofMP3, a Google eBook search and there are many other combinations of searching functions from within website's or via existing search engine parameters from your favorite search engines that can give you quick and fast access to your favorite websites data archives.

Posted by Stephen at October 23, 2006 09:45 PM

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Is there actually a Firefox version of this? I can't find one :(.

Posted by: Rick at October 26, 2006 10:53 PM