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June 11, 2006

Microsoft long-life bugs

Some users of the FeedDemon RSS reader have been reporting an annoying bug that caused a CPU load spike when they were updating feeds. So FeedDemon's builder, Nick Bradbury, did a bit of digging and discovered that Microsoft has known about the WinInet bug in their operating system for almost three years.

That post unearthed the fact that the Melbourne developers of the Awasu RSS reader had made the same plea for that bug fix way back in February 2005.

Not only had Microsoft ignored those pleas, it's even passed the bug on, intact, to the new Vista OS, which led Bradbury to observe that the fact that Microsoft has treated the matter with such insouciant disregard gives developers a bad name.

That seemed to stir some consciences over at Microsoft. David Powell, Microsoft's product unit manager, Windows networking developer platform, responded in the comments "I am so sorry this thing has caused you grief," and promised to get it fixed. The thing about the Web is that it seriously amplifies the sound of squeaking wheels.

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