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December 07, 2005

What's a blog?

We've been up to no good, as usual, over at Razor, having stirred up quite a controversy about the "best blog" award by Smarty Host. We happened to be on the judging panel, but we were just a touch concerned about the process which led to a site that we thought had some considerable failings, being declared the winner.

As one of our regular readers, Trevor Cook, just commented: "How can a site that has no comments, no trackbacks, no feeds and has hitherto attracted no attention whatsoever in the blogosphere be considered Australia's best blog?"

Posted by cw at December 7, 2005 04:23 PM


So who gets the 10Grand.... The ABC ???

Posted by: Stephen at December 7, 2005 07:34 PM

I think if it was in your top 3, you can't really complain. If you had it towards the bottom of the finalists, different matter.

Posted by: Mark Baldwin at December 8, 2005 11:39 AM

I agree with Trevor pretty much. A blog may still be a blog without comments, but that seems to defeat the purpose of the idea and makes it vastly less interesting to me as a reader.

Posted by: Amanda at December 8, 2005 12:44 PM

With all due respect Mark, that's rubbish. Actually I had two sites tied for No. 3. So it might be more accurate to say I had her in the top four. A second judge rated it No. 3. One judge put it at No. 9. Another had her site at No. 11!

Yet two judges not only vote it No. 1, but also do so by an extremely wide margin. That suggests to me that the judges should have been consulted before the final decision was made, and an attempt should have been made to standardise the points.

Posted by: cw at December 8, 2005 12:46 PM

My sad sad fellow bloggers,

At the end of the day, the judging panel choose a winner, that winner was Jodi Rose. It's not Rose's fault the panel choose her blog as the winner. Blogs are subjective, not everyone can be happy with the winner.

There will apparently be another SmartyBlog Awards competition next year -- my suggestion is: swallow your pride now, and bring it on in 2006.

Posted by: Sore loosers at December 9, 2005 11:46 AM