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July 14, 2005

Links from the radio show

Stuff arising from the Jon Faine Show's computer segment this morning:

A good site for stuff on Epson printers. Here's some information on Epson impact printers. Epson sells a USB-Parallel adapter kit. Here's some instructions.

The link I mentioned on air is actually a free service utility for Epson inkjet printers.

How to check out technology: How Stuff Works and the Wikipedia.

Posted by cw at July 14, 2005 11:58 AM

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On today's programme (14/7/05)you made a comment about no longer recommending Adaware and Spybot. Why not and what do you recommend instead?
I have been using both since seeing your recommendation in the Green Guide (plus CW Shredder) some time ago, as being the free programmes that every user should have.

Posted by: James Gladstone at July 14, 2005 08:02 PM

They're by no means useless, but I think there are better programs available now. I posted a piece on my recommendations a couple of days ago.

Posted by: cw at July 14, 2005 11:02 PM