Better blogging

It looks like all the teething problems associated with the shift to Site5 have been resolved, so we’re rushing headlong into the next action item [we seem to have been thoroughly GTDed] which is a re-design of the blog.
We’re planning to increase the number of voices, add some features, including some subscriber-only features [have you thought about subscribing, by the way?], and make things more obvious and easier to use. But you probably have one or two ideas yourself. Like this, for instance. Is that a good idea? Feel free to give us your ideas.

2 Responses to “Better blogging”

  1. SM

    Love the idea of the “post it notes” that are linked to highlighed text within the . Even perhaps you could give a preview of a link that is posted in a blog entry through this nifty little idea. Or maybe you could link bits of old blog entries that are relevant to the current one.

  2. Ablaze

    Spicing up the layout will make the blog more interesting and attractive for ones eyes and the processing noodle driving them. Inset boxes as suggested by Jeremy Wagstaff would be a nice touch, especially to highlight key subjects or provide extra info in much the same way it’s done in broadsheets. BE may soon be on the lookout for a sub editor, probably a very tightly reined one.
    Have you considered including more photos? They bring another dimension to the printed page. Not too many, though, and not too big, otherwise it would be hell to visit from a dialup connection. In months of reading the here the only pics I can recall were of the BE hound and the Big BE wedding. A few more wouldn’t go astray.


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