Learning from Dan Bernstein

Dan Bernstein (DJB) is someone who you’ve probably never heard of – yet his work has covered an astonishing amount of territory and benefited everyone who today uses the Internet or e-commerce. His achievements include forcing the US government to … Continued

A good time to be paranoid

In the rushes around the Bleeding Edge pond one of our favourite ways to pass the time is to relax with a good book by the terrific science fiction writer Jerry Pournelle. Jerry was kind enough today to send us … Continued

No shame

Just one day after our article about consumers being apparently ripped off by beijingticketing.com, they’ve now mysteriously disappeared from the Internet. But they’re not gone – they’re just hiding elsewhere. To be more precise, they’re hiding over at www.theonlineticketshop.com – … Continued

Beijing olympics ticketing fraud

The news is all over the media about the  Beijing Olympics ticketing fraud. I was interviewed on ABC news today about this issue – I’ll post a link to the video as soon as I have it available. It’s a … Continued

Buying TomTom in Australia

TomTom is one of the best GPS programs around, with clear directions, good maps, and an intuitive interface. However, it’s not available to buy for your PDA in Australia. This is a real shame, since there are so many GPS-enabled … Continued

Windows Live Writer beta 2

I’ve blogged before about using Windows Live Writer. It’s still my blog client of choice, and recently the second beta version was released. This new version includes: Inline spell checking Table editing Ability to add categories Support for excerpts and … Continued

3 tools for collaboration

I love collaboration tools, because they mean I can stay warm and comfortable at home, rather than dragging myself out to the office to meet with Real People. There’s the three staple tools of course – instant messaging, email, and … Continued

Give the Gift of Sight

In some rather exciting personal news, I’ve recently gotten myself married! I’ve even got a photo to prove it. We didn’t have the usual gift registry, but instead asked our guests to “give the gift of sight”. You see, there … Continued

Jeremy’s dev blog has moved

Just in case anyone is wondering where my other (maths and programming oriented) blog has disappeared to, it’s moved to blog.howard.fm.

Extremely remote control

Like the Chief Toad, I’m also a big fan of time shifting. Personally, I find walking all the way to the PC, plugging in a media box, copying the files, walking all the way back to the TV, plugging in … Continued