Trying Facebook

I haven’t posted on this blog for quite a while, but I’m currently considering the options. In the meantime, I’ve started a Bleeding Edge Facebook page. Let me know what you think.

Only connect … always

What with the insidious game that technology tends to play with one’s mind – first it makes itself indispensable then it spasmodically and unpredictably withdraws its services – Bleeding Edge is prepared to admit that we may have been ever … Continued

Overcoming IT ennui

For a few days Bleeding Edge had been in the grip of that curious state of weather-worn resignation so often induced by failing technology. Our iiNet ADSL 2 connection was slowly breaking down, and we didn’t have the energy to … Continued

Let Telstra get on with screwing Australia

I like Kenneth Davidson. Really I do. I don’t always agree with him, but quite often he makes me think. I wonder though, if he has the slightest understanding of telecommunications deregulation, monopoly practices and the realities of competition. His … Continued

Pursuing PageRank

What excitement there was in the Bleeding Edge cave recently when we discovered that the Web site for which we assumed responsibility in April – after our promotion to advertising executive for the spouse’s small business – had gained a … Continued

iCyte: Building a library on the Web

The Bleeding Edge Research Library would be ever so much more efficient were it not for the fact that so many of our books suddenly take it upon themselves to disappear from the shelves. We are speaking figuratively here. Most … Continued

Your IT advertising executive

Bleeding Edge has been ever so much busier since we became an advertising executive. Our sudden rise from being an IT person to a position where we’re making decisions about promotional resources might seem a dramatic departure from the script … Continued

Some advice for the “new” Telstra

Bleeding Edge wasn’t invited to the farewell party for Sol Trujillo, if indeed there was a farewell party for Telstra’s departing chief executive, as he slipped out the back door six weeks ahead of schedule. Former chairman, Donald McGaughie also … Continued

Digital recorder syndrome

It was roughly about the time we stuck our head out the window and started to record the sound of rain and thunder that we realised we’d come down with something serious. We’d developed digital recorder syndrome, a condition that … Continued

Digital denial

One of the common themes that we at the Bleeding Edge Centre for the Study of Digital Addictions have identified, is the denial by victims of their potential for being hooked. Mobile phone owners pooh-pooh the very idea that they … Continued