Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings

It’s been a year of hard work and working for the dollar for me – for that, I’m glad. I haven’t had much time to play with Stephen who has done major renovations on this blog and the forum. I … Continued

Opt-in, Opt-out, Optus

A tale of how technology does not trump poor business procedures Last night, I lost internet connection on my Optus cable internet broadband. In short, the modem went on the blink. Waited for a while and this evening made a … Continued

Working in Synergy

It’s a Melbourne Spring Saturday. Typical. Doesn’t know whether to be warm as summer or breezy and cold as in winter. “The lawn (well, better call it grass) in the back is a bit long” – she says to me pointedly. Hmmm. I’m in weekend recovery mode and not quite favouring energetic activity at the moment. The best I can muster is to install Synergy onto the old faithful desktop and the stainless steel skinned (well, it’s aluminium, actually) HP ProBook 4530s, with Sheila Majid singing in the background (yes, I know, from that era when my hair was still majorly black). Should I have a look at the Indonesian Festival today, the 10th September, or tomorrow? They’re at Queensbridge Square instead of Fed Square – maybe they’ve been pushed out by MSFW activities? Or maybe the Fed is getting too expensive to book?

Ooooh! It’s been a long while

For some time now, I’ve passed this neglected blog on the way to the forum - we’ve been pursuing our various interests and also earning the dollar in our respective lives. Stephen does wonderful system admin work to keep the forum … Continued

When small is big

It’s that time of the year. When we’re either running crazy carrying out errands or time seems to be frozen and calm, birds singing in the back yard, the cool and wet spring blending towards Christmas. A time for reflection … Continued

What is a Browser?

Amit just referred to this Youtube video “What is a Browser?” [youtube2 id=o4MwTvtyrUQ] Guess Jakon Nielsen’s Mental Model blogpost is relevant in the sense that as users, we need to be aware of what mental models we establish and hark … Continued

Cyber Security

Now that Conroy is back in business, I guess we’ll see him routing the Next Generation Broadband around the place and at the same time, watching everyone’s tracks and activities. Recently, two of the software giants have come out with … Continued

Disinfecting Windows XP

Once in a while, a rare while nowadays, I’m called upon to help diagnose a Windows XP PC malware and slow performance problem. Maybe it’s rare because I’ve succeeded educating my friends and family on the Defence Against the Black … Continued

Listening to Ted

Australia’s Next Generation Broadband topic has been in news and politics for some time. We often see old media TV interviews with man-in-the-street persons. Sometimes these seemingly arbitrarily chosen persons say it won’t affect them in their daily activities, sometimes … Continued

Have you ever thought about Restoring?

We often talk about backing up our documents (documents, spreadsheets, databases, pictures, movies, songs) about we seldom spare a thought for crunch time – Restoring the file. With documents, it’s easy. If your document has gone missing or is badly … Continued