ADSL gets cheaper … but not here

Here’s something that will make you grind your teeth. International research company Point Topic reports the cost of DSL broadband services is “cheaper than ever”, with the average worldwide price of DSL entry-level services falling by 9.3 per cent in the last quarter.
Some operators have cut prices by 50 per cent, and offered major upgrades at the entry level. Broadband speeds in Japan have been increased by eight times, and in Canada four times. Thanks to good old Telstra, however, and superb government planning, prices in Australia have gone up, and broadband speeds slashed. Telstra profit might be down, but it’s just revealed that its broadband revenue is up 64.5 per cent, to $1.191 billion. That’s your money, folks.
We wonder what our dear old Communications Minister – the one who claims that we Aussies have nothing to complain about – will make of this. And this: In Japan fibre-to-the-home services now provide 100Mbps links for approximately US$25.90 per month.
It’s ironic that Telstra is attacking her for not giving them even more. It’s the poor old consumer who should be giving her a tongue-lashing.

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  1. K

    One day, cw, we will have 10 mps in Australia.
    Of course, by then the rest of the world will be using quantum computing and have caught the wave to the singularity…but then, I guess the omnipresent need someone to look up to them.

  2. Sumit G

    Telstra has a right to challenge the minister… absolutely. They have got to protect their money.
    The question is why is nobody else trying to deliver at the same price as Telstra? In my personal opinion, this is because there’s only one company with the sufficient network for the economies of scale to work – Telstra. Splitting Telstra into retail and 2 or 3 network infrastructure companies could definitely help with competition.
    BTW, have you guys read this article? –


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